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Our english pages for international customers are being built / updated now. Links will work when they turn blue.

VH-1. Voigt horn loudspeaker.
A simple design, but with a brilliant sound! Click here for more info

SQ-50. Studio Quality hi-fi loudspeaker.
A very special speaker used in dozens of recording studios as well as thousands of hifi lovers´ music rooms and living rooms. The sound is extremely true to the recording, both instruments and voices sound ”live”, even very small details are reproduced, and deep bass tones are also solid and clear. A real music-lover (and sound technician) loudspeaker. Click here for more info.

Now (almost) anyone can build their own truly top-of-the-line hi-fi amplifier, fully capable of competing with 350 £ (and upwards) amplifiers (that is, more than ten times more expensive) when comparing sound quality. Still, the cost for the CM-100 when you build it yourself is only about 1/10th of that.
Every single detail in any sound recording will be amplified without any dampening or loss.
No special skills needed, and the only tool you need to assemble all electrical and electronic parts is a screwdriver! The quality of sound was our top priority when designing the power amp modules (which are sensitive enough to be driven directly from a CD or DVD player, DAC or computer sound card (HD Audio is highly recommended!) without any need for preamp. Our special ”no thermal feedback current stabilization” makes the sound quality constant, no need for re-adjustments due to aging, ever!
The info pages in English are not ready yet, but you can have a sneek peek at the
step-by-step instructions in Swedish, just to get a grip of how easy it is to assemble. Click here.

If you are interested, don´t hesitate to contact us. There is only a limited number of amplifier modules and kits that can be produced each month. The amplifier modules are hand crafted, and soldered by hand, by Valutronic, Sweden. Every single unit is then tested by us to make certain that sound quality and stability is perfect.
Only THT components of high quality are used.
No low-cost-country mass production which could cause quality problems.

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